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Miss Mary
27 April
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"It is out of the utter forgetfulness of yesterday that I create
every new hour's freshness. It is never enough for me to have been happy." ~ Mènalque in The Immoralist by Gide.

Miss Mary, a strange chemist, bootlegger or mutinous merchant marine? Yes, she is these things. Miss Mary, ivory smuggler, tawdry Madame or Marrakech black marketeer? Yes, she is these things. Miss Mary carries a double shot derringer in her handbag but has not discharged it to date. Miss Mary loves saki but does not over indulge. Miss Mary strives to monopolize history and is polite in her vendettas.

Miss Mary possesses people's memories. She is the warden of thousands of dreams and lost thoughts and throw away moments that leave so many children sighing inside the surviving wrinkled husks of the centurions who are somehow still alive. Miss Mary is the gate keeper to times and places that no longer exist except inside the dusty vaults and bunkers of her trancing depository. Miss Mary, consumptive wife, opium addict or curio peddler? Yes, she is these things