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Always Working

I'm always working! It's true. Even when I'm not freelancing, I'm plotting and scheming and working on a zillion different projects.

I've resurrected my old RetroButtons empire. Back in 2001 I sold pinback buttons.

Now I've got a very spiffy professional 1" button maker. It's a thing of beauty, all metal and made in the USA.

And, it's something the whole family can get involved with. My boy, who just turned 19 (damn I'm too young to have a 19 YO!) just opened up an etsy shop and has already had two sales.

You can his shop here:


And my shop is here:


Now if I can get rid of this pounding headache, It's back to making buttons. Weee :)


Dec. 14th, 2006 03:51 pm (UTC)
Very cool. What is up with the headache? Darn!
I can't believe I have a 43 year old...gahhh.