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The Mirror Pool...

Another digital collage featuring my new Victorian purse mirrors. Yes, I'm having fun again!

Whistle or Hum, The Choice is Yours

Just a little sweet something...I collaged this right on the machine that presses the buttons/mirrors using vintage ephemera and transformed into an ooak 3 1/2" mirror. Find this and other Victorian Purse Mirrors in my Etsy store.

These have kept me busy...

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2007. I've been keeping to myself lately, making pinback buttons. And now, with the addition of a new 3 1/2 " machine, I'm making mirrors...Victorian purse mirrors using some of my favorite vintage images.

What fun!

Always Working

I'm always working! It's true. Even when I'm not freelancing, I'm plotting and scheming and working on a zillion different projects.

I've resurrected my old RetroButtons empire. Back in 2001 I sold pinback buttons.

Now I've got a very spiffy professional 1" button maker. It's a thing of beauty, all metal and made in the USA.

And, it's something the whole family can get involved with. My boy, who just turned 19 (damn I'm too young to have a 19 YO!) just opened up an etsy shop and has already had two sales.

You can his shop here:


And my shop is here:


Now if I can get rid of this pounding headache, It's back to making buttons. Weee :)

Every Day is Mother's Day

Why is it that whenever I get off the phone with my Mom, I feel like jumping off a bridge? Honestly, one phone call from her and I feel like a total failure. Some folks have supportive Moms, I've got one that sort of takes a sadistic delight in pointing out the successes of others--of complete strangers--and holding them way over my head.

Jump girl, jump! That's a good dog!

What a drag it is getting old...

ohmyGosh, I've just sat down at the pc here and my back is killing me! My lower back...feels like someone kicked me.

Perhaps being a computer geek for ten+ years has finally taken it's toll. I think my lower vertebrae have fused together. I feel myself shrinking, devolving, turning into a robotic turtle or something.

I'm going to see if laying down on the hard floor will help me decompress. Wish me luck, I might not get back up once I'm down...

I found it!

I was cleaning up my desk and found my old LJ PW and UN written on a scrap of paper, so I thought I'd log in and see what is what.

I took on a freelance job over the summer that is just starting to end, lasting far longer than I had anticipated. The commute is 1 1/2-2 hours each way on public trans, depending on the traffic. But I don't mind so much, I get to read and listen to music while I'm mobile.

The only drawback, which is getting a bit serious now, is how dark it is by the time I get home. When I leave the office out there, in the middle of almost nowhere, it's so dark that I can hardly see my hand in front of my face! The job is in the woods almost, near Valley Forge (a national park in PA).

I'm not working full weeks and need to focus on my own business a bit more, so I hope to be online more often.

Especially since I've found my missing log in info.

Chat more soon,


Smells Like Spring

We've just been busy having fun in the sun. The hyacinths are almost all opened. The spring air smells WONDERFUL.