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I am still here too...

Yes, I am everywhere.

I didn't think that I had much to write about, but as it turns out, I may.

more to come...
I was reminded today that I hadn't posted here in quite some time.

Family--you know, sometimes family gets in the way--and most of the time I do try to subscribe to "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" mantra.

But, if you don't vent from time to time, you boil over into all sorts of crazyness.

I started a new blog to replace my newsletter at:


Which represents the crafty/old-fashioned me.

Perhaps I'll hold onto this LJ to rant? Or continue yelling at the walls? Decisions!

I didn't intend to stay away for so long. Now to see what everyone has been up too...

Fun with Fungi

Look what I found in my backyard today...

and some fun with filters...Collapse )

I didn't know...

A new version of The Night Stalker?! I didn't know, just found it by luck.

Gazette Preview

Sneak Peak, this will mail out tomorrow around 11:30 am, so if ya got something to ad, send it along :)


OK, I had to try it...

Well that's enough of that...took up too much room, where a scarlet letter D would have worked just as well ;)

French Paper Costume

Just wanted to come up for air and share this French Paper Halloween Costume.

Back to work on the Gazette. I'm going to have to change the format, maybe just turn it into a blog or something, so I can hand off goodies as I finish them, instead of trying to put everything together once a month? Mmmm...think think think...

Vintage Style Halloween Garland

I made this garland using some clip art images from Spooky Halloween Entertainments. I made a custom page of instructions in my eBay store...gotta do something with those custom pages. It came out nice, I just wish that I had a better color printer. My HP inkjet is dying, when I print, I have to be there to catch the pages as they come out, or the next one will jam. What a pain.